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Sheldon Barker, CD, CCFI-C

Past President

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Sheldon is a proud Newfoundlander who has been a member of the federal public service since 1991 when he embarked on what was an honorable career with the Canadian Armed Forces. A few of his accomplishments include the United Nations Protection Force medal, Canadian Peacekeeping Service medal, and The Queen's Diamond Jubilee. Humanitarian missions in Canada include the Ice Storm of 1997. 


Sheldon is an experienced Fire Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the public safety industry. He is a strategic thinker and exceptional communicator with a solid commitment to operational excellence and continuous improvement and a clear focus on service delivery.


Sheldon is skilled in Critical Infrastructure Protection, Health & Safety, Incident Investigations, Fire Prevention, Paramedicine and Industrial Safety. Sheldon is a strong military and protective services professional specializing in Emergency Management and now serves in an advisory capacity as the Past President of CAFI. Sheldon's leadership was pivotal in guiding CAFI through the global health pandemic of Covid. 


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