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Chris Farsky

Regional Director, British Columbia

Chris began his emergency response career with Purolator Courier at Vancouver International Airport where he was a HAZMAT spill responder. From there Chris ventured into a brief career with the British Army as a Royal Engineer. Upon his return to Canada, his need for odd career adventure continued into the private security world where he was trained in close protection and industrial and commercial surveillance and investigations.

Chris joined the Correctional Service of Canada as a Correctional Officer on the 22nd of May 2002. During his first decade with the CSC, Chris conducted on scene investigations and evidence collection, illicit drug testing, external armed escorts, and ended his first decade as a Living Unit Officer. Over the last ten years, Chris has been a Security Maintenance Officer (SMO) tasked with the maintenance and overhaul of all service firearms, institutional locksmithing duties, and the procurement of all security-related equipment from ammunition and chemical munitions to medical supplies.


As an institutional first responder, Chris has assisted the Regional Fire Safety Officer with conducting investigations and collecting evidence. He has also assisted with fire scene reconstruction in order to determine cause and origin.

Chris is currently assigned to his third National assignment as a Project Officer where he participates in the creation of National training programs for Armories Officers as well he is trained as a National Armorer for all service firearms. Currently, Chris’ substantive position is Security Maintenance Officer at Mountain Institution and continues to conduct contract evaluations for the CSC nationally as well as write technical standards for security equipment procurement and provide technical advice to the service on the use of force and application of chemical and explosive munitions.

Chris relocated to rural BC with his family in 2015, where he joined the Sunshine Valley Volunteer Fire Department (a completely unfunded and unpaid department) as a firefighter. Chris was promoted to Lieutenant after one year and then to Deputy Chief two years later. Chris continues to participate in ongoing education from various fire service and law enforcement agencies. Chris’ current focus is fire investigations. Chris received his CCFI-C designation in 2020 and serves as the 2nd Vice President. 


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