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Lynelle Vetsch, CFI, CFEI, CCFI-C


Lynelle Vetsch is a Deputy Fire Marshal with the Nova Scotia Office of the Fire Marshal.  Lynelle has extensive experience in the fire service having served with the Halifax Regional Fire Service and as the Senior Instructor for the Firefighter Pre-Employment Program at the Nova Scotia Firefighters School. 

Lynelle has various certifications as a Firefighter, Fire Inspector, Fire Service Instructor and Fire Investigator (1033, CFEI, and CCFI-C).  Lynelle also has an active role in proctoring certifications within the fire service that include Firefighter levels and Investigator(pro-board and IFSAC). Lynelle has worked as a fire investigator for both the private and public sector. Lynelle has served on the validation committees for both IFSTA Fire Inspector 9 th edition and Fire Service Instructor 9 th edition.


Lynelle has a Diploma in Journalism and a Bachelor of Arts Degree with a concentration in psychology. She is a student in Eastern Kentucky University’s Fire Investigator program. Also to note, Lynelle is the first female Deputy Fire Marshal in the Nova Scotia Fire Marshal`s Office 100 years of existence.


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