Webinar - Update on Electric Vehicle Fires in Canada

Date: Tuesday April 6, 2021 - 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EST

Webinar: Update on Electric Vehicle Fires in Canada

Presenter: Andy Koschate, Inspector | Senior Defect Investigator, Transport Canada | Motor Vehicle Safety


Electric vehicles present changes in safety that affect users, service technicians, firefighters, fire investigators, and more. This webinar will briefly outline some of the technology, present example incidents and problems encountered. Andy will propose a potential burn test program to explore electric vehicle fire characteristics, extinguishment performance using a fire blanket, and damage inspection techniques. He would like to receive comments toward organizing a cost-effective program with CAFI members' assistance to collect and disseminate research data from this program.

Andy works for Transport Canada and has been investigating the safety performance of motor vehicles since 1989. These efforts have led to many recalls to address current defects, design improvements for future vehicles, and updated vehicle safety standards. From an aerospace and mechanical engineering base, Andy has built a diverse education and experience portfolio involving: fire investigation; material failure analysis; vehicle systems design and failures in operation, crashes, and fire; collision reconstruction, occupant kinematics; and human factors.