Webinar - Interview Techniques - Interviewing 101

Date: Wednesday February 17, 2021 - 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EST

Webinar: Interview Techniques - Interviewing 101

Presenter: Mario Delorme CFEI, Vice-President, Forensic Engineering Services

An interview, at its core, is a search for answers. What happened? How did it happen? Where? When? Who was involved? The answers to these questions can help reveal important details related to an event, but the amount of information you get, and the quality of that information, can vary greatly based on the preparedness and skill of the interviewer.  Investigators may only have one chance at an interview to gather facts. Join Mario Delorme who will explain how to maximize the information you can obtain from people, and how to work through difficult interviews.

Mario specializes in Fire and Explosion Investigations and has conducted over 1300 on-scene fire investigations. Mario has over 20 years of Policing experience, nine of which as a Criminal Investigator and two as a Detective Sergeant. During his career as an investigator, Mario attended and completed the Forensic Interviewing Course at the Canadian Police College and completed an Interviewing Course at the Ontario Police College.  After his policing career, Mario Joined the Office of the Fire Marshal for two years and then continued his passion for fire investigations with Origin and Cause where he has been employed for over 14 years. Mario is now the Vice-president of Central and Eastern Canada at Origin and Cause.