Training - Webinar



Date: Wednesday Dec 11, 2019 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM ESTREGISTER

Title:  Barn Fires - Causes and Methods on investigating

Presenter:  Vicki Hilborn, MASc, Peng,   A/Engineering Program Coordinator


This presentation will provide an overview of how many livestock barn fires occur and the most common causes of these fires.  It will also provide some base knowledge on how to detect corrosion in electrical systems, tips on reducing the risk of barn fires and a summary of available resources.

Vicki Hilborn is the Engineering Program Coordinator for the Ontario Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Rural Affairs.  She coordinates the Reducing the Risk of Barn Fires Advisory Panel which brings key stakeholders (such as fire department, livestock groups, insurance companies, chief building officials and ministries/agencies) together to discuss how to reduce the number of barn fires in Ontario.  She has been with OMAFRA since 2015.