Once you have obtained your CCFI-C designation, it is mandatory that you apply for recertification every five (5) years in order to be eligible to continue to use your CCFI-C designation.

If you obtained your CCFI-C designation prior to December 2015:
CAFI members who obtained their CCFI-C designation in previous years (prior to CAFI re-introducing the CCFI-C designation application process in December 2015) can apply for recertification by completing the online Application for Recertification and pay the $90 non-refundable fee. 

In addition, they will need to meet the following requirements:

  1. Provide a copy of their CCFI-C Certificate
  2. Confirming that they are a CAFI member in good standing (i.e. current year’s membership is paid)
  3. Provide proof of having received a minimum of 40 hours of tested training in the past 5 years. 

Should applicants be unable to meet the above three requirements, they have the option to write the exam.

Should they wish to write the exam, they will need to submit their Application (Track A) and pay the Certification Application Fee.

Failure to recertify:  

CCFI-C credentials will be suspended once the recertification date has passed. Members cannot continue to use the CCFI-C designation if the outlined recertification conditions are not met. The CCFI-C designation is only valid for a period of five (5) years from the date of issuance. Any infractions are considered a serious issue and will be promptly addressed as per CAFI discipline bylaws and rules.

Steps to follow to apply for Recertification:

  1. Read the Declaration and the CAFI Code of Ethics to make sure that you can acknowledge (on the online application form) your agreement and consent to the terms and policies stated.
  2. Click here to access the online CCFI-C Application Form
  3. Enter the required applicant information – some fields are mandatory.  
  4. Confirm your Membership Status
  5. Choose Application for Recertification
  6. Upload the required documents (or send them by e-mail to
    1. A copy of your CFEI Certificate
    2. Documentation providing proof of having received a minimum of 40 hours of tested training in the past five (5) years.
  7. Respond to the Consent acknowledgments.
  8. Submit the Application and payment online.

You will receive automatically a confirmation email message confirming that your application has been successfully submitted, including confirmation of receipt of payment of the application fee.


Recertification Confirmation:
Upon receipt of the Application Form and payment, as well as the required documents in support of the Recertification Application, the CAFI National Office will verify that all the terms and conditions have been met. The application and supporting documents will be submitted to the Training Committee for evaluation and approval. Once the application for recertification is approved, a notification will be sent to the applicant and the member’s recertification date will be recorded.

Notices in the CAFI Journal and CAFI Website:
Unless applicants elect not to have their name published in the CAFI Journal or on the CAFI website, the names of the new recipients of the CCFI-C designation as well as the names of the members who have been recertified will be announced in the follow-up editions of the CAFI Journal and on the CAFI website.