President's Message - December 2020

2020 has certainly been interesting, to say the least. Not only from dealing with the unknowns of a global pandemic, but it has also thrown all of us both personally and professionally into a state of disarray. It has caused us to challenge the way we do things and that includes how we continue to work and at the same time keep our families safe. As first responders, fire investigators, and inspectors we have to remain vigilant as we carry out our duties.

I’d like to take this time to thank you for your confidence in me and I am honored to follow the line-up of people who have provided guidance for our association in the past; each of our past Presidents has brought a different vision with them and all have proven to have different strengths.  I am no different in that I have some ideas in not only growing CAFI, but reaching out to the countless rural departments across the country that can truly benefit from what we have to offer. I hope that you will support me and the executive team as you’ve supported those who have come before me. I quite often think back to a conversation Tim Irish and I had on ways to grow the association, and will strive to carry the passion he had.   

When you look back on 2020, hopefully without cringing…rolling with the constantly changing landscape as we navigate through this pandemic, coupled with sights that would normally have you shaking your head. Honestly folks, if I walked past a brewpub in Harrison Hot Springs and Bigfoot was sitting down for a pint it wouldn’t shock me. So with that being said, I thank David for his advice, guidance, and continued support to me and the executive team and look forward to serving as your association president for the next 2 years.


Kind regards,
Sheldon Barker, CD, CCFI-C
President, Canadian Association of Fire Investigators