January 2018 Training Initiative – Educational Partnership with Laurentian University for NFPA1033

The CAFI National Board of Directors is excited to announce a new and innovative forensic fire investigation training program in partnership with the Faculty of Forensic Sciences at Laurentian University, in Sudbury, Ontario. This university level training is a dynamic four course program providing successful graduates with a Statement of Professional Learning Certificate (SPL) Specialization in Fire Scene Management and Investigation. Successful graduates of the program will have achieved the required knowledge, skills and abilities to perform the job function of a Professional Forensic Fire Investigator to the NFPA 1033 Standard. This is the first time this specialized forensic fire investigation training is being offered by a Canadian University.  Laurentian University is leading the way!

This program is a fantastic opportunity for all those working in the fire investigation community. Whether you are private fire investigator working within the insurance industry or a serving member within a fire service or police service, this program is suited to those members who are actively working within the role of investigations. For those seasoned veteran fire investigators working in the field, this program offers current up to date training standards that satisfies the requirements of ongoing training in order to maintain your NFPA 1033 qualifications. For those looking to enter the field of fire investigation, this program will provide the required training standards that are accepted by the Canadian Courts.  The courts are putting qualification of expert witnesses to greater scrutiny, and this course SPL Certificate will form a good part of your qualification.

This is a unique opportunity to all CAFI members in good standing. Membership has its benefits! Laurentian University has graciously committed to automatic admission of any CAFI member wishing to enter this training program.  Please stay tuned for the admission form to the Fire Scene Management and Investigation program.

The four courses are full university credit courses and upon successful completion will give the student 3 university credits per course. A total of 12 credits will be awarded upon successful completion of the program which can apply towards a university degree moving forward. The courses are being offered in a flexible e-learning format with the final course being a dynamic one week fire investigation practicum. The design of the program is such that it will allow those currently working in the field to navigate and successfully complete the courses.

Upon successful completion of the program those CAFI members that are serving members of a fire service or police service will be given the opportunity to write and certify to the NFPA 1033 Standard.  An agreement has been reached with the Office of the Fire Marshal and Emergency Management who has the authority having jurisdiction in Ontario, in which those students who successfully pass the examination will become Certified Fire & Explosion Investigators. For those CAFI members who are working within the private industry in fire investigations, CAFI will grant accreditation as Canadian Certified Fire Investigator.

Please see the link to the course descriptions and related documentation for additional information of this excellent program. In support of this training initiative, CAFI has initiated innovative webinar training sessions for our members to satisfy the ongoing training requirements for the NFPA 1033 standard and the accreditation offered by CAFI.

To all our valued CAFI members across Canada, this is an opportunity to raise the bar and set the standard for all of us working together in this specialized field of fire investigations. Please spread the word of the value of CAFI membership. Being a member of a professional organization is part of maintaining professional qualifications. Share this professional training opportunity with your colleagues from coast to coast! The future is bright!

Click here for the Memorandum of Understanding between Laurentian University and CAFI.

Click here for the Application form for the Fire Scene Management Investigation program at Laurentian University.


Timothy Irish                                                                                                                                      
Regional Director                                                                                                                                  
National Executive Board for the Canadian Association of Fire Investigators (CAFI)