Code of Ethics

I will at all times, as a member of the Canadian Association of Fire Investigators, strive to serve fairly in all other respects not specifically covered in this Code.

I will be loyal to all my superiors, to my subordinates and to the organization I represent.

I will conduct both my personal and official life so as to inspire the confidence of the public.

I will deal justly and impartially with all individuals, regardless of their physical, mental, emotional, political, economical, social, racial or religious affiliation.

I will not use my profession and my position of trust for personal advantage or profit.

I will make no claims to professional qualifications which I do not possess.

I will regard my fellow members with the same standards as I hold for myself. I will never betray a confidence nor otherwise jeopardize their investigations.

I will not work with or provide information to persons whose goals are inconsistent with the Fire Investigators principles, which require an honest and unbiased investigation.

I will regard it my duty to do my work to the best of my ability. It is my further duty to avail myself of every opportunity to learn more about my profession.

I will at all times strive to be a fact finder, seeking for the truth and attempting to determine the true and accurate cause of all fires and explosions or other occurrences which I investigate.

As a member of the Canadian Association of Fire Investigators, I will at all times conduct myself according to this Code of Ethics.