CCFI Designation

CCFI-C Designation

CAFI is offering the Canadian Certified Fire Investigator Level C (CCFI-C) designation. The requirements for obtaining this professional designation have been designed in accordance with industry standards as outlined in the most current editions of NFPA 921: Guide for Fire & Explosion Investigations and NFPA 1033: Standard for Professional Qualifications for Fire Investigator.

Having your CCFI-C designation can provide many advantages:

  • CAFI’s Canadian Certified Fire Investigator – Level C program establishes a standard for evaluating the qualifications of those conducting fire investigations, as well as creating a benchmark for investigators who wish to establish their professional credentials. Your CCFI-C designation is recognized throughout the industry, both in Canada and the U.S.
  • Qualifying for professional certification, such as CCFI-C, can provide you with industry-specific knowledge and access to professional connections.
  • It's becoming increasingly common for job descriptions/job postings to require professional certifications or membership to industry associations. Competition for limited job openings is increasingly difficult. Having your CCFI-C designation can open the door to job opportunities and/or job promotions.
  • Certification can be another way to improve your skillset to be recognized for your accomplishments.
  • Training received while employed doesn't necessarily result in a certificate or designation, but it will help qualify you for CCFI-C re-certification.

The CCFI-C exam consists of 100 questions in a multiple-choice and true or false format. The exam questions are based on information contained in the most current editions of NFPA 921 and NFPA 1033. A minimum score of 75% correct answers are required to receive the CCFI-C designation.  

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CCFI-C Designation Requirements

To be eligible to apply for the CCFI-C designation you must be:

  • A representative of Federal, Provincial and Territorial Fire Commissioners or Fire Marshal’s Office, Insurance Crime Prevention Bureau; Fire and Police Service; Independent Insurance Adjuster;


  • A full-time employee of a Canadian licensed insurance company engaged in the investigation, adjustment of fire claims; engineers; lawyers; and any other person who is actively engaged on a regular basis in fire investigation, adjustment or litigation matters.

Applicants for the CCFI-C designation must be a CAFI member in good standing and abide by the CAFI Code of Ethics, bylaws, and rules.


There are two options to choose from in your Application to write the CCFI-C exam:

  • Track A:  You must be a CAFI member in good standing and write the exam in the presence of a CAFI approved proctor of your choice. The fee is $125 + applicable taxes.
  • Track B:  Applicants who have obtained the CFEI designation through the National Association of Fire Investigators (NAFI) may apply to grandfather the CCFI-C designation. Applicants wishing to grandfather the CCFI-C designation must be a member in good standing of both CAFI and NAFI and must provide their NAFI membership number on the CCFI-C application form. The fee is $75 + applicable taxes.

Before you proceed to complete and submit your Application for the CCFI-C Designation, please review the Applicant Declaration and CAFI Code of Ethics which you will be asked on the online Application Form to acknowledge as having read and agreed to the terms and policies stated.

When you are ready to submit your Application, please click here to access the online CCFI-C Designation Application Form.

Proctor Designations

Applicants applying to write the CCFI-C exam (Track A) must write the exam in the presence of a CAFI approved proctor of their choice.

Acceptable proctors include:  

a) any member of the CAFI National Executive or Regional Director;  
b) university or college faculty members;  
c) a government official;  
d) a current Canadian Certified Fire Investigator Level C (CCFI-C);  
e) a current Certified Fire and Explosion Investigator (CFEI);  
f) a Chartered Insurance Professional (CIP);  
g) a Fire Chief or Assistant Fire Chief or Fire Marshal or Fire Commissioner;  
h) a Police Officer;  
i) a lawyer;  
j) or a certified testing center.

NOTE: Proctors may not include subordinates or relatives of the applicant.

The applicant is responsible to choose a proctor (in accordance with the acceptable proctor designations) and contact the selected proctor and ask them to complete and sign the Proctor Agreement and submit it to the CAFI National Office.

Proctor Information

The Proctor selected by an applicant for the CCFI-C Designation exam must complete the Proctor Agreement. (The Proctor must include the name of the Applicant to ensure that we match the Application to the corresponding Proctor Agreement.)

The Proctor Agreement can be submitted by email (preferable method). Complete and sign the Proctor Agreement, scan it as a pdf file and send it by email to or send it by mail to:

Canadian Association of Fire Investigators (CAFI)
1370 Don Mills Road, Suite 300
Toronto, ON  M3B 3N7

Please note: sending the completed Proctor Agreement by mail might delay the exam process.

When you are ready to submit your Application, please click here to access the online CCFI-C Designation Application Form.

* Optional donation upon renewal - You may choose to add $5.00 towards the Tim Irish Fund to support Tim's children future education.