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To join the association please select and fill out one of the application forms below.

One of the best values to membership is our magazine "The Journal", which is published 3-4 times a year.

What are the qualifications for membership?

Our Constitution and Bylaws state:


Any representative of Federal, Provincial and Territorial Fire Commissioner's or Fire Marshal’s Office, Insurance Crime Prevention Bureau and Fire and Police Service, Independent Insurance adjuster, or, a full time employee of a Canadian Licensed Insurance Company engaged in the investigation, adjustment or settlement of fire claims; Engineers, Lawyers, and any other person who is actively engaged on a regular basis in Fire Investigation, adjuster or prosecution, defense, or litigation of Fire related matters, shall be considered for eligibility of membership in this association upon application. The Criteria for membership will be as determined by the Membership Committee. Final approval of the application, and any renewals of membership, is subject to the review by the Membership Committee, as to the applicant’s qualifications, and experience as established by the committee in its Criteria as well as compliance with the Code of Ethics of this Association.


A Retired Member shall have all the rights of a Regular Member under Article II Section 1(a) except, the right to run for an elected office and the right to vote. A Retired Membership applies to those persons who at the time of full retirement are members in good standing and wish to continue a fraternal relationship with members of the Association.

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