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A new CAFI National Executive was elected at the Annual General Meeting held November 17, 2014:

President – Jacquie Link

Former Regional Director, and past 1st Vice President, Jacquie is an independent origin and cause investigator with over 18 years experience investigating fire scenes including residential, commercial, equipment, vehicle, marine and wildland fires.  Jacquie is a Founding Partner of AIS Enterprises based in Mission, B.C.  

1st Vice President - Kenneth W. Munroe

Ken Munroe is also the current Winnipeg Chapter President, Central Canada Regional Director and Senior Adjuster at Sweetwater Consultants in Winnipeg, Manitoba. 

2nd Vice President – Val Chlistovsky

Val Chlistovsky is a Senior Forensic Engineer at Giffin Koerth in Toronto, Ontario with specialized professional competence in fire and explosion investigations involving structures and vehicles, product failure, construction assessments and building systems and structural failure analysis.

The National Executive also includes Scott Broad as Past President.


This year the new Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act presented a new set of rules requiring not-for-profit corporations to replace their letters of patent and by-laws with an application deadline of October 17, 2014.  Transition to the Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act was crucial as corporations and organizations that did not make the transition would be assumed by Industry Canada to be inactive and would be dissolved.  The new Act places legal responsibility on the directors to better manage the corporation, lays out protocols for directors terms of office, obligations, financial statement approvals, changes and amendments to by-laws.  Needless to say this required a substantial amount of time and effort by the previous National Executive who - with the indispensable assistance of Executive Secretary Hélène Lamadeleine and lawyer Victoria Prince of Borden, Ladner Gervais LLP – ensured that the required documents were completed and filed.  The Presentation of Articles of Continuance and new by-laws were presented at the November 17, 2014 AGM and were received with overwhelming support from the membership in attendance to proceed with the filing of the revised by-laws and articles of continuance.

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